Meet Our Fearless Female Founders

Hi, my name is Denise and I am the co-founder and CEO of Fully Charged Snacks. I enjoyed a successful career as an RN nurse for over 28 years before retiring due to an autoimmune disease brought on by food allergies. Soon after, my daughter, co-founder, and COO also became sick, experiencing a difficult pregnancy and childbirth due to food allergies. Over the next 5 years, I discovered my entire family had multiple/complex food allergies.

I began to play with allergy-free ingredients to create dessert snacks that my family could enjoy and not get sick. I even shared them at gatherings and sold small catering orders. People enjoyed them and would routinely say, “you can’t taste the difference.”

In mid-2019, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and kidney failure. The ordeal completely curtails my catering projects. 2020 rolls in, and my daughter goes into work furlough. Talking to me over a Zoom pastry party with her daughter, she suggested we put my snacks in the marketplace so that other moms like her could enjoy them and have an on-the-go snack without having to do any baking. That is how Fully Charged Snacks was born.

We don’t make snacks for the sake of making money; we want to change lives and serve bite size moments of joy by providing a variety of quality choices (outside of just trail mix and granola) that people can snack on in-between meals and outside of the kitchen. We also want to continue to educate people of all backgrounds on food allergies, and their impact on physical and mental health. We get satisfaction at night, knowing we are changing the world one sweet treat at a time.

Join us on your food journey as we bring fun and freedom to nutritious eating. Fully Charged Snacks takes the stress, guesswork, and expense out of finding a great snack that's consistent in flavor and availability. Who knew eating all-natural and organic dessert snacks would taste this good!